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Why CallRail


App Integration

Automated Insights

Access CallRail's webinars, case studies, and reports and market smarter by keeping up with emerging trends, tips, and tools.

CallRail doesn’t just work with 700+ marketing tools — it makes them better. In a few clicks, our call and conversion data fuels deeper insights, automatically.

Gain the insights you need to spark growth. See every interaction with your ads, keywords, and campaigns and easily compare performance.

MORE THAN 200,000




Multichannel Lead Attribution

See each interaction every caller has with your business

Visitor Tracking

Reveal overall marketing campaign effectiveness

Call Log

Get a live look at inbound and outbound call activity

Source Tracking

Understand each buyer's path to purchase


Multi-Touch Cost Per Lead

Combine call, text, and form data to learn true ROI

Operational Reporting

Make sure you’re staffed for peak call times

Team Performance

Monitor individual and team effectiveness

Mobile App

Keep up with call analytics wherever work takes you


Call Recording

Automatically record calls for training and peace of mind

Outbound Call Tracking

Make outbound calls with your tracking numbers

Call Notifications

Never miss another lead with real-time, customized alerts

Text Messaging

Make, take, and track texts without leaving CallRail

How Wit Digital is Saving $4k per Month With CallRail

“CallRail is helping us improve our marketing campaigns and client retention rates. Their tools are invaluable — we simply have to have them.”

— Ryan Cook Director of Client Strategy, Wit Digital



saved per month

lower cost per lead

What We Provided




Know which ads, campaigns, and keywords are generating calls

Define rules to classify calls automatically when specific conversation criteria are met 

Automatically record and transcribe calls for automated insights and analytics

"CallRail is an easy to implement and cost-effective solution that helps marketers big and small cultivate valuable data to make actionable decisions about their business."

"CallRail enables us to accurately track our many marketing sources, allowing us to make crucial decision on marketing tactics and tightly budgeted spends."

— Jeff M, Director of Marketing

— Ross S, Director of Marketing & Inside Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not convinced. What if I don’t use call tracking?

How does call tracking help me improve customer service?

Call tracking helps you monitor the role service plays in customer experience, and how it impacts satisfaction. It documents common questions and trends, to help you coach and train your team. And it delivers insights into call duration, source, and other data points.

Without visibility into which marketing efforts or driving calls, you’ll keep spending money on ineffective ads and keywords. And because what you don’t know can hurt you, you might even cut a campaign that’s driving high-value leads because you can’t prove ROI.

What is call attribution and why does it matter?

Call tracking must be hard to set up, right?

Call attribution links each call and text your business receives to one of your ads, keywords, or campaigns. You’ll see a full history of every interaction with your business at a glance. And you’ll pinpoint which interactions led to conversions. When you know what’s working, you can stop spending on what isn’t.

Not really. If you can copy-and-paste, you’re halfway there. Our setup wizard will guide you through every step, from creating your first tracking number to pasting a snippet of code on your website. Plus if you need help, the “real” wizards of our support team are just a click away.

So, do I need to come up with unique phone numbers for each of my contacts?

Can call tracking help me measure online and offline marketing campaign performance?

Well, you don’t. Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) does that for you. When a customer calls one of your tracking numbers, you’ll know which ad they saw, which keywords they used to click on a paid search ad, which pages of your website they visited, or which web page they were on when they made their phone call.

Yes. There are two ways call tracking can help your business understand which online and offline marketing campaigns are delivering the best ROI:

1. Source tracking: Standard with every CallRail account, source-level tracking helps you test overall campaign effectiveness. It reveals which campaigns (either online or offline) drive the most calls and texts to your business.
2. Visitor tracking: Illuminate each customers' path to purchase with visitor tracking. Linking unique phone numbers to each visitor, it dynamically tracks how they navigate to, from, and around your website.

Can I get a demo?

Of course! Click the Start a Free Trial button to set up a twenty-minute personalized demo of the CallRail platform. A CallRail expert will customize the tour to make the most of your time.

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