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How “Mold Busters” doubled daily call volume with CallRail’s Call Tracking

“We recently opened a new franchise location in the suburbs of Toronto, and to begin with, we were getting about 30 to 50 calls a day. After about 6 months of using call tracking, that number increased to about 70 to 100 calls a day, with a similar increase in sales and revenue as well. All of that was made possible with call tracking. We wouldn’t have seen that kind of improvement without the data we’re getting from CallRail.”

— CEO and Co-Founder Michael Golubev

What We Provided




Know which ads, campaigns, and keywords are generating calls

Reveal which ad or keyword made someone click “submit” on a form 

Automatically record and transcribe calls for automated insights and analytics

Why Call Rail

As a home service pro, it's important to know which marketing campaigns resulted in phone calls. With Call Tracking, you'll see which ad, campaign, or keyword got a lead's attention.

Call Attribution

Form Analytics

Conversion Intelligence

Call Routing

Know what makes your phone ring. Identify your best marketing channels and efforts (both online and

offline) by tracking and attributing phone calls to the campaigns that drove them. Call tracking software helps you measure the success of advertising campaigns while fine-tuning marketing strategies and spend.

While Call Tracking shows which ad or keyword made someone call, Form Tracking reveals which made them click “submit” on a form. Together, they illuminate all your lead activity. And with these combined insights, you'll market and spend smarter.

Record calls for quality assurance and more. Gain real insights into your customers' conversations and interactions with your team. With CallRail, you can quickly discover customer pain points, find opportunities of improvement, and train your staff for an even better customer experience.

Connect callers with the right people with call routing. From simple call greetings and queues to more advanced call flows, ensure your customers reach the right department and staff to cover their needs.

"When I stumbled upon CallRail I fell in love with the ease of use, SEO-friendliness, and call data. I currently have over 100 websites using CallRail and it is crucial to proving the value of my marketing efforts."

"CallRail software has been a great solution for our agency but in addition the people at CallRail have offered top notch support along the way."

— Jason Z, Digital Marketing Manager

— Chris C, Director of Operations

Frequently Asked Questions

How does CallRail support my local search marketing efforts?

Within minutes, you can create a tracking phone number and use it across any marketing channel, including Google My Business, local service ads, and directories like Yelp and Angie’s List. For more granular details, you can install CallRail on your website and use visitor-level tracking to identify search terms that have the highest ROI.

How does CallRail help me provide a better customer experience?

Optimize your customer experience with custom call routing, automated transcripts, and AI-driven insights on your conversations. We gather these insights directly from your recorded conversations so you know how your customers are being taken care of, and how you can train your staff to improve your closing rate.

What tools do you have available to help me improve my response time?

CallRail’s mobile app helps you connect with customers and prospects when you’re away from your desk. Get instant notifications delivered to your phone’s home screen so you know who to follow-up with first, or set up automated responses to let customers know you’ll get back to them as soon as you’re available.

Try CallRail free today. No credit card required.

No credit card required.